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Testing laboratory

E&H Services laboratory arose after the organizational changes of Health Institute residing in Ostrava (1.12.2013). The laboratory carries out the analysis of special organic substances (PCDD / F, PBDE, PCB, alkylphenols, nonylphenol and others) in the environmental compartments (water, waste, solid samples, soil, air, emissions, food, feed, biological material) and special analysis of the eluate from passive samplers. Furthermore, the laboratory is engaged in sampling of waste solids and special sampling techniques using passive samplers (SPMD, DGT and POCIS).

The testing lab has implemented quality system management according to ČSN EN ISO 17025. Regular participation and excellent results of interlaboratory comparisons and analyzes at international level can be considered as a further indicator of the quality of the laboratory work. Hi-tech equipment and proffesional backgrounds achieve the best results. The lab participates in several research projects covering issues of environmental components, in cooperation with various academic institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad.  The main results of the researches have been presented at conferences and seminars as well as published in domestic and foreign scientific journals.


Address for delivery samples

Sample delivery to the Laboratory
(dully copy to post label):

Seat: Dobrá 240, E&H services, a.s.
73951 Czech Republic
On the delivery assistance, please call to this number:
+420-608742251 – sample reception (


E&H services, Inc.
Budějovická 618/53
140 00 Praha 4 – Krč