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Our services and experience

We would like to invite you to our passive samplers and related components eshop

Chemical and toxicological analyses of passive samplers (SPMD, Silicone rubbers, POCIS, DGT, PUF filters).

Consulting and education services in the field of passive sampling (installation and operation of sampling equipments, grab samples, workshops and trainings, international conferences).

Our laboratory has extensive experience in commercial and R&D projects.

Detection of extremely low concentration levels:

  • identification of geogenic and anthropogenic sources in the glacial waters
  • monitoring and quality assessment of mineral water
  • monitoring and quality assessment of water in protected areas including their potential sources

Quality assessment of drinking water:

  • routine monitoring
  • identification of possible contaminations from sources of pollution during floods

Monitoring and quality assessment of surface water:

  • comprehensive pollution evaluations in small streams, rivers and lakes using biotic and abiotic systems

Industrial applications:

  • water quality assessment prior, during and remediation
  • identification of the main sources of contamination around chemical plants and landfills
  • identification of oil spills contamination from oil platforms

Air quality assessment:

  • assessment of indoor quality
  • identification of the primary sources of contamination

Special applications:

  • determination of biotic and toxicological markers and their quantification
  • samples pretreatment using semipermeable membranes

exposure studies using proper combination of various biotic organisms


Address for delivery samples

Sample delivery to the Laboratory
(dully copy to post label):

Seat: Dobrá 240, E&H services, a.s.
73951 Czech Republic
On the delivery assistance, please call to this number:
+420-608742251 – sample reception (


E&H services, Inc.
Budějovická 618/53
140 00 Praha 4 – Krč