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Nowadays, there are parts of our portfolio submitted and realised further research projects.


Akronym Project PS&PL
Název Workplace Research and Production positioning systems and passive samplers for clinical and preventive practice
Partneři msk_logo
Finanční zdroj Support for science and research in the Moravian-Silesian Region 2015
Roky Since 2016
Web (only in CZ)


Acronym SOPOR
Topics Systematická ochrana vodních zdrojů před rizikem znečištění pesticidy a jejich metabolity (SOPOR)
Partners Aquatest, a.s., VUMOP, v.v.i., Ekotechnika spol. s r.o., Vodárna Káraný, a.s.
Financial source TA CR
Year Since 2015


Acronym FR
Topics Flame retardants in products and in an indoor environment in the Czech Republic; TB030MZP0003
Partners The University Hospital in Ostrava, The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) – Norway,The National Institute of Public Health (NIPH), T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute, public research institution (TGM WRI), Institute of Public Health in Ostrava
Financial source TA CR
Year 2015 – 2016


Below, there are numerous projects, with recent participation of various key experts, together with our experts. Those were realised, under/close co-operation with IPH Ostrava, as NRL for POPs.

Acronym FOKS
Topics Focus on Key Sources of Environmental Risks (Central Europe)
Financial source Central Europe
Year 2008 – 2012


Acronym Emission-new compounds
Topics Adaptation solutions and to develop a common methodology for sampling and determinations in the range of PCDD / PCDF and other organic contaminants from the recommended list of PRTR
Partners ICIMB Opole (solver), Poland
Financial source OP Kapital Ludzki
Year 2010 – 2012



Acronym 2-FUN
Topics Full-chain and uncertainty approaches for assessing health risks in future environmental scenarios
Financial source 6FRM
Year 2007 – 2011



Acronym*) Emission factors III.
Topics Emission of POPs and heavy metals from the small sources and their emission factors (Ministry of the Environment)
Partners VSB TUO, VEC, Czech Republic
Financial source Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic
Year 2007 – 2010


Acronym*) IMPULS – CMD
Topics Technology for destruction of persistent organic pollutants (POPs)
Partners Dapol, Ltd. / Strojvyvoj, Ltd., Czech Republic
Financial source MPO-IMPULS
Year 2008 – 2010



Acronym*) Passive samplers II.
Topics New procedures for monitoring the impact of urban agglomerations on qualitative parameters of fluvial environment with emphasis on the identification of endocrine substances (Ministry of Education)
Partners CHMU Prague/Brno, Veterinary University Brno, Czech Republic
Financial source Ministry of Education
Year 2006 – 2009



Acronym*) POPs in biota
Topics Retrospective monitoring levels of indicator PCB congeners and selected chlorinated pesticides in serum Czech population in the period 1970-1996
Partners SZU Praha, Czech Republic
Financial source IGA-MZ
Year 2006 – 2008


Acronym*) Emissions – influence of transportation
Topics Methodology for determining emission road transport stream for monitoring, assessment and management of air quality (MT)
Partners CDV Brno, Czech Republic
Financial source Ministry of Transport
Year 2005 – 2008


Acronym MAGIC
Topics Management of groundwater at industrially contaminated areas
Financial source INTERREG III B CADSES
Year 2005 – 2008



Acronym HALE
Topics Health and Languages for Europe
Partners VSB TU Ostrava, Czech Republic
Financial source Leonardo da Vinci
Year 2005 – 2007


till 2006

Acronym*) Emissions – biomass
Topics The energy parameters of biomass
Partners VSCHT Prague, Czech Republic
Financial source Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
Year 2004 – 2006


Acronym*) Passive samplers I.
Topics Research and validation of new methods of integral sampling of persistent organic pollutants, heavy metals toxicity studies for applications in water management
Partners CHMU, Czech Republic
Financial source Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
Year 2004 – 2006


Acronym*) Emissions – cars
Topics Measurements and calculations of emission factors uncapped pollutants from the combustion of biofuels mixed, depending on their composition and operating modes
Partners CDV Brno / UCHP AV CR, Czech Republic
Financial source Ministry of Transport
Year 2005 – 2006


Acronym*) Emissions – oil boilers
Topics A study of the effects of POPs substances during combustion of waste oils in commercially available small heating boilers, in order to reduce their formation
Partners UCHP AV CR, Czech Republic
Financial source Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
Year 2001 – 2003

*) work, the unofficial name


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